Integration of heterogeneous software systems

Our specialists are able to advise you and apply the best practices in modern software integration like SOA, BPM, EAI to allow all the systems in our customers’ heterogeneous landscape to work and communicate flawlessly with each other.

In modern times each big enterprise level s3_icompany has an internal IT landscape comprised of many different information systems and solutions. Often these are from different software vendors and are implemented to run on different software platforms. This situation develops with the years of company existence due to M&As, to changes in the chosen technological stack, and at the end of the day for the CIO each of the existing systems that is not decommissioned is valuable and needs to be integrated and working in sync with the others. This often leads to many point-to-point integrations between the information systems, that could form a web connecting the systems in a full graph, without common standards, without traceability and ability to diagnose the issues.

This is the landscape where the need for our Integration Consultants becomes obvious. They can help you analyze, document your systems, form an enterprise wide Enterprise Service Bus, connect each of the applications and systems to it using the widely adopted and agreed standards. Have almost automatically auditability, traceability, security, service repository. On top of this bus use Business Process Management software to orchestrate your existing services and execute complex business processes.

Our consultants can design and implement this for you using both open source integration stacks and commercial ones form leading vendors like TIBCO, IBM, WebMethods, Oracle and others.