EU Fund Regional Development OP Innovation and Competitiveness

On the 20th of August 2020 Torrid Lore Ltd has signed an administrative contract # BG16RFOP002-2.073-8456-C01 for the receiving of a financial grant with subject “Overcoming the lack of funds and liquidity, occurred as a result of the epidemic outbreak of COVID-19” , based on Operational programme “Innovations and Competitiveness”, 2014-2020

The project goal is the provisioning of an operating capital for the Bulgarian SMEs to address the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic.

Results: Achieving a positive effect on overcoming the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and preservation of the labour positions.

Start date: 20.08.2020

End date: 20.11.2020

Total value: 4 600 leva

Financial Grant: 100%

Torrid Lore has signed a contract with Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism for the development of technical documentation for the tender for the future Unified Tourist Information System. The execution of the project will be throughout November 2016. Let us wish success to our business analyst team that is kicking off the project today.

Following its long term strategy for establishment of partnerships with the leading software vendors Torrid Lore has signed a partnering agreement with Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT).

This important step gives us the possibility to use all the latest and greatest resources available for developers from Microsoft and also gives us easier access to their knowledge bases and support staff. We are also authorised to resell licenses for their software and incorporate it in our current and future solutions.

Last but not least Torrid Lore has plans to use extensively Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform for its internal business needs, starting with the implementation of Office 365 and Azure AD and cloud based Virtual Network internally.

This is just the beginning of a long and interesting road ahead of us…

We are proud to announce the start in July 2016 of the execution by Torrid Lore of a crucially important B2B integration project for a very large US based company (under NDA), a key player in Hospitality and Travel industry. The project aims to upgrade and renew company’s B2B connections to the latest OpenTravel Alliance XML messaging standards, so that it is able to meet the new challenges of this dynamic industry.

Let’s wish to the development team a godspeed and success in their endeavors!

new buildingSince the beginning of August 2015 Torrid Lore has moved to a new office in the tall building of Glavproekt – a place with a lot of traditions in IT, providing formerly in the 90-ties an office space to the famous company ProSoft, and in more recent years – to companies like Acsior and ScaleFocus.

The building is located on 6th, Alexander Zhendov Street, in close proximity to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a lot of bank offices and restaurants. The translation of its name from Bulgarian (“Главпроект” short for “Главен Проект”) means “Main/Major Project”, quite a fit for a software development company like us focused on the most important and major projects for our customers. Although an old construction from the past century its tall part has been renovated and matches completely the current needs and requirements we have. It also fits well to our practical style and pragmatic approach to things – focusing on functionality and real business needs, rather than getting distracted with the bells and whistles.

The building has a big dining place on the ground floor – the restaurant Don Doman – an excellent location for a quick working lunch or for a afternoon meeting on a cup of coffee. Parking areas are available in the front and in the backyard of the building.