We at Torrid Lore strongly believe and benefit from the connections and partnerships we establish in the community of the IT companies in Bulgaria and abroad. The collaboration with partners is always mutually beneficial for both parties. Moreover, with the help from friendly, partnering companies and individuals we can address much bigger and more difficult to solve challenges and opportunities for our client. Hence we are constantly looking to expand our network of friends and partners. Here is some excerpt from the list.


The partnership with Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is considered to be a strategic one for us, giving us access to the latest technological advancements that they develop. We are yet to explore and use the possibilities that are now open for us as their partner.


Amexis is a software development company with a lot of Microsoft and .Net experience. Some areas they work in are
  • healthcare IT systems development
  • business intelligence and data warehouse design and support
  • and mobile solutions design and integration.


Sciant is a software engineering company specializing in custom solutions for Travel, Hospitality, Logistics and Online Trading industries.