About us

Torrid Lore is a young and dynamic software engineering and consultancy company, located in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is part of the fastly growing ecosystem of IT companies in the country. The company has been founded in 2012 and has 3 initial years of doing business under the brand name Tectonic BG. After a change in the management and ownership in April 2015, it has been rebranded to Torrid Lore, a name better matching the company spirit we possess, develop and encourage.

Why we are “Torrid”? – because we are passionate about what we do and we chase each opportunity and project to its successful closure. And where “Lore” comes from? – because we have the knowledge and we do have the experience to apply it in an agile and smart manner, bringing the best results possible to our customers.

Legal form of Torrid Lore is a limited liability company – a private investment of Mr. Stanimir Boychev, who is also currently directly involved with its management as a director. Mr. Boychev is a well known professional in the area of Software Engineering Services and Outsourcing in Bulgaria, with an extensive past experience in the field as a Shareholder and VP Technology and Innovation of Musala Soft AD till 2012 and as a Founder, Chief Operating Officer and Shareholder of Scale Focus AD, one of the quickly growing companies in Bulgarian outsourcing segment, till the spring of 2016.

Torrid Lore is planning expansion of its operations in 2016 increasing its customer portfolio, hunting for more talented engineers and interesting and challenging projects.