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About Us

Torrid Lore Ltd is a company wholly owned by Stanimir Boychev. It is holding Mr. Boychev’s investments in a portfolio of different companies mainly in the ICT sector, predominantly in the space of Software Development and IT consulting.
Mr. Boychev is working actively in the thriving software development ecosystem of Bulgaria for more than 30 years, and as result possesses vast experience in the field. He has been holding a variety of senior C-level positions in some of the leading companies in this sector in the past, like for example VP Technology and Innovation in Musala Soft till the autumn of 2011 and COO in Scale Focus till the spring of 2016.


Project Management
Requirements Gathering and Analysis
Software Architecture and Design
Project Management


A significant part of the ICT portfolio of the company is currently consisting of the shares of eLando AD, a software services company, to which Mr. Boychev has been serving as a CEO since the spring of 2016. Torrid Lore Ltd. is also an active member of CEO Angels club in Bulgaria. As such Torrid Lore also provides capital investments and advisory services to companies and founders in the startup space in Bulgaria and abroad. Besides owning 100% of Torrid Lore’s capital Mr. Boychev also serves as a Managing Director of the company.
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